So Simple, So Smart!

The installation of a solar power system to off-set your homes energy use is a relatively simple and cost effective exercise. And it’s a smarter choice too, for a number of reasons!

Solar PV Systems are a great choice for

  • Homes
  • Baches/Holiday Homes
  • Schools
  • Motels
  • Commercial buildings and businesses, particularly where majority of the power consumption is consumed during the day.

Benefits of Solar:

  • Clean, Renewable Energy – the sustainable future for your family. Producing electricity with solar energy emits no greenhouse gases, no pollution, and uses no fossil fuels. Solar is good for the environment – a smarter choice!
  • Minimise the Rising Cost of Power: There’s no doubt about it – the cost of power is high and is only going to rise! With a Solar Smart Energy system you will eliminate having to pay high power bills ever again!
  • Increase Property Value and Modernise your Home or Building: A solar power system will add value to your home or commercial building for years to come. By reducing or eliminating your homes electricity bill your home will demand a higher value on the market.  Solar panels also modernise the appearance of your home or building, especially older properties.
  • Financial Benefits:  The price of electricity has almost doubled since 2000 with the average household spending more than $2000 on electricity each year. Over time the savings on electricity costs far outweigh the initial investment.  With the potential to finance your system through your existing mortgage, you can have a solar power system installed without having to actually spend much more than what you currently spend on your existing electricity charges.  Once your system is paid off and the ability to export unused power, you will reap the financial rewards by being able to spend your money on the things you would rather be doing!

quote- smart way to power your home